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Arianna Costantin sta meglio, l’annuncio: “Non vedo l’ora di tornare al lavoro”

People smuggler jailed for 14 years

An iranian-Born australian man has been jailed for 14 years for people smuggling, including organising the ill-Fated vessel which crashed at christmas island where 50 people lost their lives.

Ali khorrAm heydArkhAni, 41, wAs todAy sentenced in the perth district court And will spend nine-And-A-Half years behind bars before he is eligible for parole after he admitted organising at least four boat loads of asylum seekers to come to australia illegally.

Heydarkhani pleaded guilty to the people smuggling charges last month, including two charges of facilitating a group of five or more non-Citizens into australia between june and november 2010 and two charges of people smuggling in circumstances that gave rise to a danger of death or serious harm with reckless disregard of that danger between november 2010 and january 2011.

One of the charges related to him facilitating the travel of a passenger aboard the ill-Fated vessel which True Religion Jeans Outlet UK smashed into cliffs off christmas island in december 2010.

Crown prosecutor ron davies described heydarkhani as”Central”To the people smuggling trade Cheap True Religion Jeans after he charged dozens of desperate asylum seekers hundreds of thousands of dollars and confiscated their passports so they could come to australia by boats which were often unsafe.

Mr davies told the court there was wide-Spread bribery of government officials and police so the boats could come to australia illegally.

Heydarkhani told some passengers they would be travelling on luxurious boats, even though many of the vessels were unseaworthy, did not have enough life jackets and in same cases, were rotten and were infested with termites, rats and cockroaches.

Mr davies said heydarkhani, a former sea merchant who was granted australian citizenship in 2004 after being granted refugee status, was well aware of the inherent risks to passengers.

He said it was a high-Profile case where a person given the privilege of australian citizenship went on to work against australian interests.

Defence lawyer ian macfarlane said heydarkhani became involved in people smuggling after he travelled to indonesia in 2009.

Outside court, he said: “Let that be a clear message to anybody who wants to participate in people smuggling. ”

“That is a very high sentence in the great scheme of things-Far higher than anybody has seen before but by the same token, it also reflected in the way the australian government is now looking at people smuggling,”Mr macfarlane said.

“It’s not a pretty crime and everybody is starting to clamp down on it.Let that be a lesson-It’s not worth it. ”

Mr macfarlane told the court heydarkhani was initially motivated by altruism, seeking to help people, but to explain”Why he did it is very difficult”.

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